The staff of Mexico Adventure Guides places a premium on our guests’ experience. Our staff receive the highest level of international training and bring a United States ethic for safety, quality, and service to every trip they lead. Our leaders are committed professionals who are exemplary guides and instructors! We are dedicated to insuring our guests an experience that exceeds their expectations!

Our programs strive to exceed individual expectations. Attention to detail and safety, and an emphasis on fun, are all important parts of the Mexico Adventure Guides experience.

We look forward to having you join us!

What makes Mexico Adventure Guides world class…
We know there are many good services and tour providers out there, but we believe that Mexico Adventure Guides offers exceptional programs. Here’s why:


We place a premium on our guest’s experience. Every trip that we lead draws on the experience of countless tours and trips across the world. Our leaders are committed professionals who are exemplary guides and instructors. They are dedicated to insuring our guests an experience that exceeds their expectations. They have a passion for what they do and the places that they do it in!


Mexico Adventure Guides leads an amazing spectrum of programs including sea kayaking trips in Baja, diving instruction and day trips in Cozumel, trekking in Manchu Picchu, Yucatan cultural explorations and more.


Mexico Adventure Guides has a perfect safety record. We have never had any major injuries or accidents in all of years of operation. This is not happenstance; your safety is our highest priority.


Mexico Adventure Guides sets the standards of sanitation in many of the areas that we operate. You are guaranteed the freshest food and clean water on all of our trips. Do not trust your adventure to a guide service or tour company that does not stress sanitation!


Mexico Adventure Guides offers a wide range of programs. We have trips and tour for everyone from beginners, with little or no experience, to those seeking the hardest challenges. Our Mexican day trips are the best available and our adventure and cultural explorations are once in a lifetime experiences.


Customer Service and attention to detail are what set us apart! Our focus on service is the cornerstone for every tour and program we operate. Whether that is providing risk management courses to international governments or training local Fire and Ambulance crews in high angle rescue techniques the emphasis on safety and quality truly make Mexico Adventure Guides a special company.


Mexico Adventure Guides only uses the best outdoor gear available. Whether this is our Sherwood diving equipment or Black Diamond climbing gear you are guaranteed that our equipment is always of the highest quality!


We are specialists at designing personalized trips and can assist in making any arrangements courses that involve any of the activities we have available. If there is something additional that you would like to do, please let us know and we will be are happy to assist with arrangements. Often times a private trip can be arranged for nearly the same cost as our regularly scheduled departures. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding custom departures!


Mexico Adventure Guides proudly support social and environmental projects in the locations where we run our trips. In Mexico we donate our services to local orphanages, provide rescue training for EMS crews, and support local green policies and environmental stewardship.