Professional Recommendations

Jason Gaffney and Mexico Adventure Guides provide world class services from risk management consultation to tour development and operation.  Here are what some of our clients and cruise partners have to say:

Gold Rush Jason Gaffney Reference

June 6th, 2013

To Whom It May Concern:

In business something that I have learned, if one wants to be the best they have to encircle themselves with the best. Jason Gaffney, and his company, Mexico Adventure Guides, are the best.

I had a crazy idea to start a zip line. I contacted the cruise industry to find out what zip line company was recognized as the safest, most enjoyable, and considered “the best.” All my inquiries lead me back to the same company and specifically to the same person.

I contacted Jason directly and told him that I wanted him to hire his consulting services. He asked me my goals and began to extrapolate the information necessary to understand my vision. Jason was a turnkey operator. He provided me everything from design layout, manuals, insurance information, to personal experiences. The service was incredibly complete.

I have consulted with many guru’s in business and I can say Jason was just that, a Guru. My zip line has been rated one of the top excursions in the Caribbean as well as being accident free. I owe a large part of the credit to Jason and Mexico Adventure Guides.

For anyone interested in expert assistance to develop or improve a tour I can vouch for Jason and his company’s integrity and professionalism.

Bart Griffin
Samana Zip line